Drama Rising

Gosh, I wish I knew the identity of this entitled newbie that everyone on this blog has been talking about lately.


Why would you give these crying whining newbies fuckin sprites? So that they can bitch even more? If you’re a newbie why do you even care about having things like a Light Sprite or a Skycat? You just joined, chill the fuck out. Even really rich users don’t have those.


I think Newbie X has set a record on “how fast can I make the community hate me”?

As another newbie that joined this window, I really resent the person who complained their way into retired familiars and high level dragons. I missed the October window by a few days, I didn’t know about the site before that. Just like you, complainy person, I’ve been following the site’s progress, learning in and outs, making plans, pining for the things I missed. I’m a completionist too, and a collector, so it’s been painful seeing each festival and outtage gift go by.

I like how you whine about fairness the entire time, but only what’s fair for YOU. Re-releasing limited items is not fair to the people who worked for and hoarded them, no matter how you spin it. You are not entitled to the things you missed when you weren’t a member of the site, because you weren’t a member of the site.

I’ve been given a few nice things by friends, but the rest I’m going to have to work for. I didn’t whine, I didn’t complain, so my lair isn’t full of high level dragons and my bestiary has not a single sprite in it. They will, eventually, because I’m going to work for them. I think that will make my accomplishments much, much more satisfying than yours. Enjoy the the hollow achievements of having your goals handed to you just to shut your bitching up.

i’m too rich to care about mispricing things on the AH at this point

I’m staying out of the general forums now. There’s way too much hate on the forums. There’s a few good apples out there in the rotten field.

Translation: people wouldn’t stand for my entitled attitude and constant complaining! The only good people are the people naive enough to gift me stuff, agree with my whining, and not call me out even though they were typically nice about it! Baaaaaaw they’re so mean!!!

We’re all rotten because we tell newbies to earn their stuff.

We’re all rotten because we tell newbies to earn their stuff.

Eagerly waiting for two days from now when all of the newbie nests hatch and dragon prices are right back in the shitter.

(And the following public outcry from said newbs when all of their fresh new hatchlings get exalted.)

Dear new user who thinks they can sell a horribly colored Spiral for 75 million treasure…

That dragon is NOT worth that much.  Don’t care if you’re new, a dragon with such awfully clashing colors will not sell for more than 10k.  Don’t try to be greedy and try to get millions and millions of treasure at jump.  If you want to put a dragon in the AH for that much, it better be a brand new breed on a progen with three new genes as a triple Obsidian or Ice.

I enjoy looking at what the most expensive dragons are in the Auction House, and there are often really nice ones…but then there’s THESE.

Can you people stop using different font colors on the forums? It’s annoying, hard to read, and looks a bit childish.