Drama Rising

can we get a twitchy tag at this point so I can block all the fucking drama already

Why is the rose going through his nose?

Seriously. I’m not trying to be cute, wtf is going on


"The economy is awful!" they cry. "Why won’t anyone DO something??"

But, "lol, let’s not spend any money in September."

I was just waiting for No Spendtember to get on Drama Rising. I was waiting alllll month.

NEWSFLASH: I didn’t create No Spendtember to singlehandedly fix the economy. I created it to make money and wanted to see if other people wanted to have a fun event where they could challenge themselves to do the same.

I don’t know who you think I am but I’m certainly not a user with a wide sphere of influence. Creating No Spendtember is not the equivalent of me signing up to be Obama. This ain’t 2008, I’m not bringing FR out of its recession.

With all the in-flight fighting, I’m glad Water flight is so small…

I’m starting to think the people who design the holiday stuff just hate Arcane cause they have the worst apparel items I swear.

u okay
y u so screwy


"All of the contents and elements of Flight Rising, unless otherwise stated, are copyright 2014 Stormlight Workshop. This includes user-submitted suggestions, derivative works, and skins.”

In other words, once that skin or accent is submitted, the artist loses the rights to their work. So technically, the accent/skin belongs to FR, and you can do whatever you want with it, the artist has no say. Because they gave those rights up as per the site’s TOS.

That’s not the issue.

The artist has no rights over the item after it has been bought and distributed, as you said. It is a fact.

That does not mean the artist doesn’t have their own rules or preferences. It only means that those rules are not enforced by the site as per the TOS.

If someone doesn’t want to sell to you because they don’t like what you do with their works, then they don’t have to sell to you.

I don’t understand why that is so hard for you to get.

Let’s all have anon names. I’ll be Gaynon. That way we can keep track of anons and sigh and roll our eyes and mutter “X anon is at it again”

i dont know who you are, gaynon, but whoever the heck you are can i just say congrats for this excellent and well thought idea

now we can all pick our favorite fuck heads who constantly post about drama on a blog about pixels 

by the way sign me up as X anon, i be glad to do the shit talkin


I’ll be Ba(e)non

Cause I’m adorable as fuck.

I saw this pretty dragon in someone’s lair that I wanted to breed one of my dragons with for a friend, it was the perfect mate, and tried to contact the person. I sent them an e-mail asking about it and waited for liek a week. No reply.

Sent them another PM and again, no reply.

Then I tried to comment on their profile and surprize! I was blocked by this person. I could swear I never interacted with this user before or had an argument with them, until I did some research.

Turns out it is the same user I shat on gloriously a while ago, who changed their username and switched flights eversince.

I know I’ve been a dick to you and called you names and dragged you into dirt, but srsly?

Get the fuck over it already. :’((( It breaks my heart that you blocked me.

SOMEDAY….. (hopefully)
Godlike accents layered: Void Searcher by frostkingdemetri and SpaceStorm by Mabeleweasley
Rock on awesome accent artists!

SOMEDAY….. (hopefully)

Godlike accents layered: Void Searcher by frostkingdemetri and SpaceStorm by Mabeleweasley

Rock on awesome accent artists!