Drama Rising

The wave of triple-basic plentifuls that’s hit the AH has made it hard to search for first gens. >.< I’m glad the newbs are happy and breeding, but I wish there were another way to search.

I need to rant!

Share your dragons.

Share your breeding pairs.

Stare a mascot or mascot pair with a LINK to your hatchery.


Ever since the Dragon Share Forum was created I’ve seen people who think they’re slick “sneak” full on hatcheries in there and even directly fucking selling dragons from them. 

The threads are never moved, locked, or deleted either.

Contact Us shouldn’t have to be used for something so fucking basic and it wouldn’t surprise me if the reason nothing ever gets done is because it’s constantly flooded with little shit like this.

So I have 20 something possible candidates for Crystal, and 21 dragons that are definitely getting it


Fable please

why are u so good

(collecting 1st gens only sucks wang btw)

also are we ever going to get a version of this but for the wings? (You know cause Iridescent has Shimmer to pair it with, Tiger has Stripes, etc

not that I wanna spend more money

Super rare Gen 1!! Only one not exalted in these colors!!! SB 150k!!!

It’s the only one on the site, because that color combo is ugly as fuck. Put it out of its misery and stop trying to foist that monstrosity off on the rest of us.

As a Budding Professional Artist…

People getting mad at Undel’s art style is like….getting mad at Picasso for his excessive use of blue for a while….or Salvador Dali’s impossible and whimsical scenarios….or Banksy’s constant use of stencils. 

Art is personal. I’m not the greatest artist on earth, but I have my own style. All of my works retain that little flair that defines it as my own. Undel too. 

If you can’t stand her style, then just leave, as 99.9% of the site is her work.

And don’t go to any art museums, you might have an aneurysm from the sheer amount of differing styles. 

First of all, let’s try our best to ignore the brown-nosing comparisons of Undel to historical artists who got to where they were by being far more conscientious, talented, and mold-breaking than someone who draws cartoon dragons for a pet game. This is not to say Undel is a bad artist; instead, the comparison is disingenuous on the basis of the differences between the work and the respective artists’ modus operandi.

The fact is, while art is subjective in the interpretations of its quality or specific pieces’ categorization, this does not mean art is without its rules altogether (which also includes the higher understanding and play with those rules which allow people like Pollock and Dali to “get away with it.”) And the first mistake of anyone is to believe their art merits freedom from criticism on the basis that the subjectivity inherent within art means they are actually hot shit. Higher circles will proverbially kick you in the face with this attitude- go to any art school worth its salt or a serious forum like conceptart.org and people will let you know real fast when your anime and animal drawings netting you fleeting pats on the back on Tumblr and dA aren’t holding up to even the most basic anatomy, physics, perspective, and visual rules. These principles matter whether you like it or not.

Subsequently, your personal feelings also don’t amount to as much as you think you do either. Mastubatory “my art is precious” drivel stops the moment the audience is included in the discussion of the work’s merits. Art is not all about the artist’s self-esteem; it is also about the creativity of the human mind and experience being shared and discussed freely with others. Without secondary eyes to gauge an art piece, it is at best personal practice to further shed one’s personal bad habits, and at worst self-congratulatory and useless.

The fact is, Undel’s art is not perfect. Tangents, anatomy errors and quirks, perspective failures- these are all flaws regardless of her “style,” and since the FR community is effectively the audience and consumer of this art, especially considering the game has little in the way to offer in terms of interactive or story elements, we have every right to criticize it within reason. Any artist worth their salt will learn to separate the nuggets of truth from the Internet fervor and honestly improve themselves, especially when they’re getting paid to do it. And again, in a game where the art is pretty much one of the biggest selling points, you’re going to want them to improve. Seriously, I want a prettier FR.

All in all, I’m tired of Internet hobby artists crying about criticism. My work has been picked apart by professional life artists, designers, and animators. I’m talking professional motherfuckers like this. I had this badass’s class among others. And it’s been the best thing that ever happened in terms of my artistic and personal growth. If you can’t stand when an artist is criticized (and not even you; like, I could understand if we were talking about you or a friend, but another artist whom you’ve not expressed personally knowing? Are you for real?), you are stifling the creative growth of that person and the betterment of the game. You are far more harmful than anyone screaming about female Tundra penises, so why don’t you leave?

Lightning Flight’s skype is nothing more then a dragon version of wall street. Full of rich assholes. 

Next reg window, make a pledge to put a cap on the freebies. We don’t need entitled newbies.

"We don’t need entitled newbies!" screams the entitled June-window player who is pissed off that some people got nicer freebies than they did!!

Shut the fuck up.

- Anon Who Received No Newbie Giveaways (First Reg Window) But Manages Not To Be A Jerk To The People Who Are

To the lovely person who gened up this Gen 1 and then put it on the AH for 20000 T. 
Thank you. I know it was mispriced, but I’m keeping it. I’m considering it an early birthday present to myself. :)

To the lovely person who gened up this Gen 1 and then put it on the AH for 20000 T. 

Thank you. I know it was mispriced, but I’m keeping it. I’m considering it an early birthday present to myself. :)

I get not liking the art. I do. I love half the dragons and am iffy about the other half. I’ll never have Guardians or Faes in my lair because the art just isn’t my cup of tea.

But can you really not understand why this isn’t going to change? Even if they decided to take on the task of revamping every piece of apparel when they revamped the dragon art, can you imagine the outrage from users when their custom-made accents were rendered moot?

It isn’t going to happen. It sucks, but just stick to the dragons you do like. All the WAH, THE ART SUCKS is repetitive and boring. New drama, please.