Drama Rising

we call it the scrying workshop

but it’s not, is it?

it’s predict morphology

why do we call it the scrying workshop when the workshop is just a menu like the trading post???

i think about this sometimes (and continue to call it the scrying workshop)

Shoutout to Shadow flight for running the gifts for glitterbombs thread :))




While gathering, I just got a Pheonix Feather Chest! :D

But that was literally the only thing I got. I’m glad I got it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been said by the staff multiple times that festival items don’t take the place of normal gathering items. If that’s so, then how the hell did I only get said chest? Would I have not gotten anything if this wasn’t a festival? I really don’t understand the gathering system.

What they need to do is revamp the gathering so it makes more sense, more logical sense. Here’s what I suggest:

Levels 1-5: 1 star items only, you’re guaranteed to get something.

Level 6: Guaranteed 1 star item, 20% chance of getting 2 star item.

Level 7-10: Guaranteed 1 star item, with chances of getting 2 star item going up 20% with each level so that, by the time you get to level 10, you have a 100% chance of getting a 2 star item.

Level 11: Guaranteed at 1 star and 2 star items, with 15% chance of getting 3 star items.

Level 12-15: Guaranteed 1 star and 2 star items, with 3 star item chances increasing by 15% every level, up to a 75% chance to get a 3 star item.

Level 16: Guaranteed 1 star and 2 star items, 75% chance at 3 star items, and 10% chance at 4 star items.

Level 16-20: Guaranteed 1 star and 2 star items, 75% chance at 3 star items, and 4 star items increase by 10% every level, up to 50%.

Level 21: Guaranteed 1 star and 2 star items, 75% chance at 3 star items, 50% chance at 4 star items, and 5% chance at 5 star items. 

Level 22-25: Guaranteed 1 star and 2 star items, 75% chance at 3 star items, 50% chance at 4 star items, and 5 stars chances increase 5% every level up to 25%.

6, 7, and 8 star items can have smaller percentages, of course, with maybe 6 stars at 5% at level 25, 7 stars at 1%, and level 8 at .1%.

So, by the time you’re level 25, you’re guaranteed at least 2 kinds of items, have a 75% chance at a third, a 50% chance at a fourth, and a 25% chance at a fifth. You could theoretically get more, if you get multiple 1 star or 2 star types.

This would promote upgrading gathering levels, because at the lower levels, we’re obviously getting more crap and less good stuff. Keep the good stuff rare, yeah, but up them higher up and leave crap for the people just starting so they can work their way up to the rewards like the people who’ve been playing for a long time.

so tired of sjw (steel/jungle/white)

why :(

wow gems =/= treasure, I get it.

dem notes tho lol

guys, I misread.  Come on now.  Also, so if they’re going up so much, then maybe do something else that gives you that amount of income tho?? like…

Oh, I dunno… 

run a shop that provides content to the community? Art, accents, sniping, training.  Think of a thing and work your asses off for it, and save up and boom there ya go~

In a few weeks, or even months, you might be able to get the things you want.

Someone submitted a really gross and disturbing skin to the skin/accent contest. I know I have trouble with gore, and I suppose you’re all going to point out that most people wouldn’t find it upsetting, but ick. I’m not good with blood or holes in the skin that show muscle/bone/organs. Good thing I have no plans to buy it if it wins, but I was not expecting it and the gross factor is pretty high on that one.

If you dislike IriShim then hooray, gr9 for you, that doesn’t mean you can shit on others and think they have a bad/boring/typical taste just for enjoying their dergs.

That also doesn’t mean you can shit on so-called “hipsters” for not liking IriShim. 

Well, it was a good run.


I have finally been banned! I haven’t yet been alerted to any issues with other users of the Coliseum AP, so I’m currently of the belief that my accounts were identified by means outside of the game itself.

This means the autoplayer is most likely still safe, so long as you don’t publicise it like I do =P


Lair expansion prices are still stupid.